Cassie McBlane writes her first piece as Blaire Magazine editor-in-chief.

Last when I featured Cassie McBlane on my other project website, I Cut Your Promo (, she was an emotional wreck in some sense of finishing up college in Australia and wanting to start her career in media as a journalist.  Fast forward to now where I’m still in contact with this extremely amazing person because I’m learning to write more & more from her creating her own magazine.  There have been times I’ve just wanted to be over in there by her side but being half a world away it’s pretty much impossible for me to do anything but lend her a supportive & encouraging words though the highly connected world that we live in now.

Why should care what’s happening in Australia   Simple, because if you live in America the Land Down Under is a pretty cool place with amazing people that are living fascinating lives.  Not to say that isn’t happening in America but here it’s kind of all hype.  Over there it looks about 200 times cooler to be doing it.  Though I’m probably wrong & it’s just a mundane as changing your socks everyday.  Then again Cassie McBlane is just one of the most marvelous people out there conquering her world & determined to be successful doing it.

If you want to join in the next global success early then head over to her new magazine at where the first digital issue is free to check out.  They cover fashion, social media, & celebrities along with a variety of current topics.  They’ve obtained a small following that’s quickly growing into a full bore crowd from all across the world.  All brought about by the hard working, truly spectacular, & always aspiring inspiring Cassie McBlane.

Follow Cassie McBlane on Twitter @Cassieeemc

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