My first post stepping out from my brand is something I do as my brand & as the person I’ve been working towards. I really enjoy talking about other people. People who are fascinating to me and over night success in my favorite part about the way media is changing. Kayla Slone is a simple Wal-Mart cashier from the coal mining town of Logan, WV & with the use of an iPhone she’s been an instant hit with her singing. A local reporter brought, Nicky Walters, this story to TV. Then it went national. This is almost as amazing as when Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. won America Got Talent just a couple summers ago.  I know there are doctors, psychologists  & just plain detractors that say the internet & social media is bad or even a downfall.  No, it’s not.  It is changing the world, & it is inner connecting the world in a way that society doesn’t quite fully understand yet.  It’s called growing pains, it’s called change, & it’s called Shift Happens.

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Technology is shaping this world, I’m not stating anything new.  Social media has taken an a deeper root than when it started with chat rooms, messages boards, & eventually Myspace way back in 2004.  It’s now 2013… I’ve been working since 2006 to slowly claim little piece of this digital space.  I’ve had the right tools for this all along but it’s the platforms I need to survive but I where I live in West Virginia I still have to get out and be a part of the community.  The old grassroots method of carve out a niche that people remember you for & not because I want to do it, because I can do it.  Even if there are few odd stumbling blocks along the way but that’s just life.  I’ve been steadfast in realizing that there are time we all have to step back to figure out exactly what path we’re on.  Mine, at least on the tail end of 2012 & beginning of 2013, has been to remember that where I currently work & where my passions are mix like oil & water.  With success comes challenges from every direction.  And over night success is even more of a different and scary animal.  I hope Kayla is ready for it because I know the tastes I get at times can tend to be overwhelming.  I guess the best way to sum it up would be with song by Toby Mac called Lose My Soul.

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