I’m hoping that things don’t get more dramatic than me posting this & sending out to everyone I know in the local media whether it’s WSAZ, WCHS, or WOWK.  Though, its reaching a literal breaking point because my family is hoping that a fix in the works when federal funding comes down.

This may be the worst section of primary road in Putnam County.


This section of road is located right above the unincorporated Rock Branch on route 62 ( Cross Lanes Drive ) in Putnam County, WV.  The hill itself started slipping roughly ten years ago when a housing development when in on top of adjacent to where I used to live.  Five years ago I moved away but things didn’t start getting worse until about two years ago where string of things made the hill slipping even worse.  A combination of water runoff coupled with aging water lines that busted in several location along this short area undermined the road.  Instead of fixing it over the course of 18 months they’ve added layer & layer black top to where is become a major issue.  According to my family’s own research it’s now on the high priority repair list.  Federal funds do not allocate until July 1.  We’re hoping they’re able to make repairs to the road or at least they say they’re going to.  If not we plan on engaging local media outlets to push this issue out so more of the Putnam community knows or at least public officials because it become a hazard to everyone that travels the road.

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