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So I turn 35 this week…


It’s time for another birthday, & yes I am glad I’ve made it this far, but what have I really done with my life so far?

Sometimes, here is where it’s going to get fun, I live my life as if I’m a super hero with soulutions to everyone’s problems. Which, actually I don’t have, there are times I do pretty good at but Tony Robbins started his paid life coach career a long time ago from scratch but for some reason I don’t see that happening for me. Granted, I am a nice guy & would give you the shirt off my back to help a friend out in any way.

Sometimes, I feel a CEO of a company & corporation minus the pay. Actually, I am because in 2008 I started part time self video publishing & then continued into photography. Also, here is fun one, I was on YouTube nearly before anyone else way back in October of 2006. Technically I can call myself a YouTube Original if I put more videos out.

My point is, at this stage in my life I should be a successful 35 year old with my own family, supporting myself, & living the “American Dream” but as my life tends to go it’s all about being different.

All my life, and even now, something about the world has defined me to being an outcast so if I am such then I will find other freaks just like myself & we will rise. Trust me… mark my words as I venture on into what life has to offer via the opportunities than can be made just by being yourself. I will do it my way. If you don’t believe me then get off my crazy train but if you do then hop on now because it’s going to get interesting!




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Where do I stand?


Where do I stand is an important analytical question for self evaluation.  Somedays I think my answer is that I am not well defined or I’ve stuff doesn’t end up going my way yet I come out smelling like rose because i know how to handle situations.  Society is a mess & the Unites States in general is a more paranoid place than I used to be but that’s all because terrorists made this nations fearful of every devil behind every bush.  This isn’t a political rant, it’s a life rant on people & interactions.  “The greatest tragedy is people don’t think.” Ryan Miller

I study interaction because so many people get it wrong, don’t express them well, or choose to put to much ill conceived thinking into something that should remain simple.  I’ve been a victim of many of those circumstances where just because I know how to do something regardless of my title I’m treated differently.  I’m a doer & want to do because I can benefit my family, my friends, & people I love.  I getting to that point where if someone decides to cross my path trying to prevent what I love doing they’re going to be a stain on my road to what I want to accomplish.  I love being a nice guy but I have a very close friend that’s taught me a little about being on the edge & how actions speak louder than words too.  That’s why at the moment I feel like the odd man out of place in the overall picture, yet give me a day because those feeling pass.  What’s important are the people who I know who support me without question.  If I didn’t have those kind of people around me then everything I do would really feel quite meaningless, pointless, & everything I’ve done is waist of time.  This year has been full of ups & downs.  My 2013 hasn’t been all that easy but if it were not for God above, my own nature, & the company I find myself around I couldn’t do what I do.  I made reference to the word title in the second sentence of this paragraph.  That’s a reference to my real life job as custodian or service staff for a school system & it’s a title I cannot stand.  I’m just going to blatantly & bluntly come out and compare ti to slut shaming, yeah you read that right, which has been around for quite a long time.  I know the you all reading this out there are like, “hold the phone.” How can you compare your title of custodian to slut shaming where a woman makes herself available to men and gets criticized for the action.  Simple, I ended up getting criticism for what I’m good & enjoy doing because someone else thought it was wrong of me to be doing photography, videography, digital media, & social media for a girls basketball team I spent four years around & put countless hours into making memories for them to enjoy after they move of from high school days of being a student athlete. I was shamed by one person, the community showed there endless support, & I ended up with very close friend in the process.

What I’ve learned in year timeframe with my close friend is a lot about life & sometimes following your desires.  Individually I’m pretty strong person but my resolve wains at times because it sometimes I go out of my way to help all of my friends even if it means sharing a lot loads.  Sometimes those burdens come in all different packages but that’s most of life is tackling all of those with a good support group of people who can really tell you that tomorrow the sun will rise & you have a fresh start to really keep proving to everyone what you’re made of even it you only have a good day.  Who knows what might change overnight?  Just always be ready for because its sometimes it can be a true test of what kind of person you really are.  Always rise up to challenges & defeat them so that you can become better at what life throws at you my friends.  Yet sometimes its all about consistency & nothing changes.

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Why you should know who Cassie McBlane is.


Cassie McBlane writes her first piece as Blaire Magazine editor-in-chief.

Last when I featured Cassie McBlane on my other project website, I Cut Your Promo (, she was an emotional wreck in some sense of finishing up college in Australia and wanting to start her career in media as a journalist.  Fast forward to now where I’m still in contact with this extremely amazing person because I’m learning to write more & more from her creating her own magazine.  There have been times I’ve just wanted to be over in there by her side but being half a world away it’s pretty much impossible for me to do anything but lend her a supportive & encouraging words though the highly connected world that we live in now.

Why should care what’s happening in Australia   Simple, because if you live in America the Land Down Under is a pretty cool place with amazing people that are living fascinating lives.  Not to say that isn’t happening in America but here it’s kind of all hype.  Over there it looks about 200 times cooler to be doing it.  Though I’m probably wrong & it’s just a mundane as changing your socks everyday.  Then again Cassie McBlane is just one of the most marvelous people out there conquering her world & determined to be successful doing it.

If you want to join in the next global success early then head over to her new magazine at where the first digital issue is free to check out.  They cover fashion, social media, & celebrities along with a variety of current topics.  They’ve obtained a small following that’s quickly growing into a full bore crowd from all across the world.  All brought about by the hard working, truly spectacular, & always aspiring inspiring Cassie McBlane.

Follow Cassie McBlane on Twitter @Cassieeemc

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Walmart cashier singing success.


My first post stepping out from my brand is something I do as my brand & as the person I’ve been working towards. I really enjoy talking about other people. People who are fascinating to me and over night success in my favorite part about the way media is changing. Kayla Slone is a simple Wal-Mart cashier from the coal mining town of Logan, WV & with the use of an iPhone she’s been an instant hit with her singing. A local reporter brought, Nicky Walters, this story to TV. Then it went national. This is almost as amazing as when Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. won America Got Talent just a couple summers ago.  I know there are doctors, psychologists  & just plain detractors that say the internet & social media is bad or even a downfall.  No, it’s not.  It is changing the world, & it is inner connecting the world in a way that society doesn’t quite fully understand yet.  It’s called growing pains, it’s called change, & it’s called Shift Happens.

WOWK 13 Charleston, Huntington WV News, Weather, Sports

Technology is shaping this world, I’m not stating anything new.  Social media has taken an a deeper root than when it started with chat rooms, messages boards, & eventually Myspace way back in 2004.  It’s now 2013… I’ve been working since 2006 to slowly claim little piece of this digital space.  I’ve had the right tools for this all along but it’s the platforms I need to survive but I where I live in West Virginia I still have to get out and be a part of the community.  The old grassroots method of carve out a niche that people remember you for & not because I want to do it, because I can do it.  Even if there are few odd stumbling blocks along the way but that’s just life.  I’ve been steadfast in realizing that there are time we all have to step back to figure out exactly what path we’re on.  Mine, at least on the tail end of 2012 & beginning of 2013, has been to remember that where I currently work & where my passions are mix like oil & water.  With success comes challenges from every direction.  And over night success is even more of a different and scary animal.  I hope Kayla is ready for it because I know the tastes I get at times can tend to be overwhelming.  I guess the best way to sum it up would be with song by Toby Mac called Lose My Soul.

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