No matter how you look at it, Daniel Bryan has become a success in the land of giants better known as the WWE.

Clearly, by no means is this a fluke at all as he’s put his time in ever since he broke into the professional wrestling business. Solid matches in which the purest wresting fans can appreciate but not only that he’s revolutionized one word.


This isn’t a new trend where fans have chanted one word. Back in the fall of 2001 “Stone Cold” Steve Austin due to an inside joke with fellow professional wrestler Christian started responding in promos with, “What?”, to the point it was chanted past his in ring retirement to this very day when there are pause by wrestlers the crowd finds boring or wants to annoy.

Yet, this isn’t totally about wrestling but real life aspect of humility. Daniel Bryan doesn’t believe he’s a anyone special & that’s the ultimate humility that he truly believes that he’s not doing anything but living what we all want to do & have inside of each of us, a dream. Finding & creating success. I was in attendance at Wrestlemaina 28 in Miami when the word “yes” because the new “what” & Daniel Bryan lost the World Heavyweight Championship to Sheamus in 18 seconds but it may have solidified him as the success story he’s become over the past two years including coming out of Wrestlemaina 30 as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Though, through it all, it hasn’t changed Daniel Bryan. Winning the title, getting married to Brie Bella, & the recent loss of his father he’s the type of person that deserves success because it hasn’t changed him.

When you still live in the small town of Aberdeen, Washington after all the celebrity & fame you know Daniel Bryan is truly a man of humility.

Congratulations, Bryan Danielson, Daniel Bryan.


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