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Graduation 1998 15 years later: A tornado followed by a Hurricane.


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This past Sunday exactly 15 years ago the graduating class of Poca High School was waiting in a parking lot wondering if were were going to graduate on time. In fact many of us just said mail us the diplomas because we were frustrated that the building we were supposed to use had been hit with a power outage by a severe storm that rolled through the Kanawha Valley earlier in the afternoon. It was a very rare & strange occurrence.

Maybe it should have been a sign that sometimes life just isn’t under our control but we’re subject to other forces in this world. Whether it be people or even the planet we call home. So where are we 15 years later. Many graduates have families, good jobs, & are making the world a better place. I guess if anything most of the Poca High School Class of 1998 has found their happiness & success.

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Remember Me This Way 15 years later the Poca High School Prom


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These eight pages don’t capture the night for me because most of the pictures are of the juniors.  I should ask who the photographer was for the event but then again not that really matters.  At least there are some moments that were caught & put into the 1998 yearbook.  This is “Remember Me This Way” & encapsulates what once was.

Hello, I’m Jonathan Miller & at that time was ending my tenure at Poca High School.  I didn’t have high marks in my classes but I did manage to win the hearts of everyone as Most School Spirit along with my female counterpart Miranda Milhorn (Rutledge) during my time at Poca.  Most people still remember me as “The Poca Dot” mascot while being at Poca during that time & apparently I left an unfulfillable legacy for people who’ve tried to follow me.  Imagine that and no I’m not bragging that what I left for others to try to do  after my days in Poca, West Virginia.  I believe in being able to set some standards & high ones because the world touts this as what we all want to aspire for in each of our individual lives.  I’ve shrugged it off many times but apparently I am meant to carry the ball but actually getting somewhere to where I can prove it or I’m building on my own.  Anyways, enough of me carrying on… I want to do a retrospective here.

From about the first of April until about the middle of May is prom season across the United States & it was not different before the advent of social media & technology.  Now it’s shared more & people see what everyone is wearing before they get to the dance but back in my day it was just chance that I found the perfect girl in Marlette to go with that night.  I’ve reflected on out endless night of dancing many times & we only sat down during the slow songs.  We danced once of them because we were both high energy & charismatic people so it made sense that her & I had the time of our lives.  We’ve both discussed this event over many time but fate seems to have determined it be one time event for her & I.  We talked about it recently & she’s right about both her & I needing a unique person to put up with our strange & outgoing personalities.  She’s always been interested in the arts & theaters where I’ve been drawn to professional wrestling which can be considered an offshoot of the arts depending upn your perspective. Yet, not to get far off base on this being about 15 years ago, I remember it being such a blur of people wondering how we kept going until 11 pm   Our after party was with Amanda Suttles who graciously hosted a small party at her house where we played board games all night & just enjoyed friendship.  Though Marlette did switch into fishnets… which was the wildest thing that happened that night.  I know there are wilder stories out there but who knows what blackmail would ensue if they ever made the light of day?

I know not everyone feel the way I do about remembering events, the pastimes long ago.  At times people seem to resent nostalgia but its about respect to me.  Paying homage to the times we’ve shared, the friendships, & the people who come through your life.  We are only on earth a limited amount of time & seeing that there are times we are all more alike than different.  Its that old cliche of, “the more things change the more things stay the same.”

Looking at some of the girls that are now women on some of the pages I can say most all of them have become life successes.  Actually it seems most from my graduating class has fared well in this every fast paced world.  Yet, I can truly say my evening was full of fun & everyone involved made it look like it was fairy tale come to life.  Looking back some it still feels truly surreal.  Who knows maybe some of my classmates feel the same way.

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