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So I turn 35 this week…


It’s time for another birthday, & yes I am glad I’ve made it this far, but what have I really done with my life so far?

Sometimes, here is where it’s going to get fun, I live my life as if I’m a super hero with soulutions to everyone’s problems. Which, actually I don’t have, there are times I do pretty good at but Tony Robbins started his paid life coach career a long time ago from scratch but for some reason I don’t see that happening for me. Granted, I am a nice guy & would give you the shirt off my back to help a friend out in any way.

Sometimes, I feel a CEO of a company & corporation minus the pay. Actually, I am because in 2008 I started part time self video publishing & then continued into photography. Also, here is fun one, I was on YouTube nearly before anyone else way back in October of 2006. Technically I can call myself a YouTube Original if I put more videos out.

My point is, at this stage in my life I should be a successful 35 year old with my own family, supporting myself, & living the “American Dream” but as my life tends to go it’s all about being different.

All my life, and even now, something about the world has defined me to being an outcast so if I am such then I will find other freaks just like myself & we will rise. Trust me… mark my words as I venture on into what life has to offer via the opportunities than can be made just by being yourself. I will do it my way. If you don’t believe me then get off my crazy train but if you do then hop on now because it’s going to get interesting!




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A bad decision I made in life

My bad financial decision

My bad financial decision

What can I say?  Nothing really.  About nine years ago I made huge financial mistake.  I cosigned for a loan my first & only loan.  Since then I tried many times to catch it up without asking for help.  I didn’t ask for help when I went abused credit cards but someone as there for me.  Once again I do not want to ask for help for this but unfortunately I don’t have kind of money laying around.  As much I’ve tried to work for it I don’t have it.  If anything this can be a lesson to others that try to take on a loan.  If you don’t handle it responsibly it will come back to haunt you in the worst way.  I’m going to go meet with this lawyer because legal action isn’t something I want to drag on.  I’ve already let it drag on long enough.  My current life is attempting to get things straight.  I want to get them straight because the woman I’m pursuing definitely wouldn’t want this in the baggage department.  I have few friends in high places but not many and I wouldn’t ask them for this amount of money.  So I am reaching out anyone & everyone who’ll read this.  I dug this hole myself but I need help getting out.  The cliche is “what are friends for?”  Well, I am at big low in my life.  And if you can lend a hand then I’ll greatly appreciate it & do anything in my power to repay your generosity.  I in no way asking for a handout.  This is a plea to anyone who has few extra bucks because I refuse to give up until I can put this issue to rest.  I’ll even make you an advertisement for your business or you for your contribution at I Cut Your Promo. (http;//

I want to work for this any way I can.  Especially since I virtually have no income for six weeks over the summer & would like to be able to work for each and every one of you.  Please… this is my chance to right a bad decision.  Thank you for reading & click donate if you can.  Sincerely Jonathan.

Jonathan Miller
223 Brookhaven Dr.
Nitro, WV 25143
304-884-5386 (call or txt) or




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