I’ve heard of wild house parties before but when you break in & start a party you’re going to commit a crime regardless of your age.  I want to bring some more media attention to this story because this is the type of behavior that relates somewhat to situation that I found myself in last winter.  Where parents are not being parents & blaming other for the deeds of their children.

The parents wanting to sue Brian Holloway for posting already public images of partying at his vacation home in upstate New York do not have a leg to stand on.  Lawyer upon lawyer can point out, and I’m not a lawyer, is they already implicated themselves as criminals for the destruction of his home, theft, & behavior alone.

This reminds me of what happened last winter when a woman contacted me for her daughter’s social media usage which I wasn’t even up to date on but still I caught the blame for just simply being on her social media profiles.  Which if you haven’t read about all my awkward situations with many women that have thought I’m some kind predator you can read it a previous blog which you can view here at this link.  http://wp.me/p33Wuh-1B

Anyways, this isn’t about me it’s about the bigger picture that Brain is trying to bring light to & I agree with his actions after this situation.  These teenagers will not learn a thing if he doesn’t go after them & show them there actions were wrong & the parents supporting there children in these actions are reprehensible.  Them attempting to sue him because he’s post there public picture they posted to social media.  You can find the story at http://helpmesave300.com as he’s trying to at least get things back that were stolen & help these teenagers learn that the behavior was totally unacceptable.  I believe his reaction to this is fair & just as he’s just wanting to be a model citizen to these teenagers who could conceivably be the future delinquents of the world.

You can read a excerpt from the Associated Press story below as it’s been in the news almost all week.

House trashed by wild party, former NFL player Holloway fights back with smarts

Published September 19, 2013Associated Press

The kids who trashed Brian Holloway’s vacation house during a wild Labor Day party weekend in upstate New York messed with the wrong guy.

They gained plenty of notoriety, sure, but they’re about to get more trouble than they bargained for, too. And not just because Holloway is a former NFL lineman who knows a thing or two about meting out rough justice.

He also happens to be a Stanford grad who’s every bit as savvy at using social media as the kids who descended on his family’s second home in upstate New York, then bragged about the destruction with photos and posts in real time on Twitter. More to the point, Holloway belongs to a family of prominent activists who don’t just walk away from scrapes that other people started.

“I blew way past furious when this thing happened,” Holloway said Thursday. “But the real backhand slap came yesterday.

“I’ve got a few hundred names (of kids who attended) already. They weren’t hard to find. They told on themselves using social media the way they did. I’ve been talking to nearly all of them on my website (helpmesave300). But when I made an appeal to come back here and help make it right … only one of them showed up yesterday with his dad.

via Column: House trashed by wild party, former NFL player Holloway fights back with smarts | Fox News.

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