EDITORS NOTE: I began writing this before I went to Creation Festival NorthEast & feel even more adamant about posting this after listening to testimony from others.  If you truly live as Christian in this world you have to be daring & bold just as Jesus was in his ministry.  I don’t have a perfect life but all of my work goes to glory of God & the way I live.   

  • Matthew 12:33 (KJV)

    Either make the tree good, and his fruit good; or else make the tree corrupt, and his fruit corrupt: for the tree is known by his fruit.

I know what you did last winter

So, I’ve decided that I’m going to share this with everyone I know because my closest friends said that what I went through was on the verge of unnecessary.  You don’t agree with me because all of this is being told from my perspective & as we all know there are two sides to every story.

I have preface it with some back story because my life isn’t exactly linear… well it is in a existence to time, space, & universe standards but for me it diverges into who I am.  What makes me seek out passions & start working towards a better future whether it’s ten minutes down the road or ten years.  My first year on internet was 1996 when I was the ripe old age of only sixteen.  It wasn’t high speed because it was dial up account but it was fast enough for the original form of social media, chat rooms, message boards, & internet relay chat.

Even back then I was already open to the experience of getting online and interacting with people from my local area to around the world.  No surprise?  Right?  After I graduated high school most of my existence was online and before social media became a big deal and totally ingrained into the mainstream public culture.

Fast forward a few years to mid 20’s.  I had a girlfriend for nearly most of that time and describe it as such, two wonderful years, two shaky years, & two years that it unraveled.  Someone I had completely naive trust in and I’ve had to slowly recover from such.  So much so that my first real interest after her was Canadian girl in western province who was a very forward eighteen years old.  We had ten years age difference but I puppy loved her to death until she was fed up with me.  Yet, it sparked my fire back up to look for a woman.

Here’s where the story picks up, if you haven’t been reading the last three paragraphs they may be tad bit unnecessary but they’ll give you a clearer perspective of who I am.  So the year was 2008 when all of the garbage starts and I’ve had to endure being accused of being sexual predator three times in the course of 18 months.

My first incident occurred with a girl then 14 who’s now 18 on a Christian website called FaithFreaks.com where I worked for year as volenteer cousiler & youth leader.  I had many people that had my phone number including many teenagers.  During a late night conversation I said something personally to her about myself that at that time freaked her out that she reported it to other administrators & leaders.  What did I say?  Well, something she didn’t understand & was sexual term but I was not trying to do anything with her or stalk her.  After the investigation interview they cleared me of wrongdoing & it was just a big misunderstanding with a temporary ban from the website.

My second incident happened when I had started work at Chuck E. Cheese right before I lost my job at NAPA Auto Parts in April 2008.  The job started in February to be exact & this incident happens in June.  Where some woman, while I’m dressed up as Chuck E. Cheese, accuses me of fondling her breast.  My manager quickly dismisses it.  She knows I’m not some sick pervert, seriously I had the back ground check before I started to work there & a majority of their staff is teenagers.  By the next week I have an incident report to send to corporate office.  Then I have four Charleston police detectives show up at my house. Where I explain how it all went down & ask me to come in the next day to be questioned.  Sure, I have nothing to hide.  I’m a very honest & straightforward person.  Ask anyone that knows me.  You want know anything about me, ask!  Well, after the questioning the officer seemed pretty cool about nothing going on.  Yet, this wasn’t going to end peacefully as the woman decided to sue the company.  It ended after a year apparently round after round in court.

(Editors Note: You have to pass a comprehensive background check to work at Chuck E. Cheese as an adult.  Same for when you start with a school system.)

Certainly my year couldn’t get anymore turbulent could it, wrong. My third incident occurred as substitute when I started for Kanawha County Schools.  A teacher at Point Harmony accused me of sexual harassment.  I did receive a written verbal warning for this incident because the word I used that irritated the woman was busty.  Since then, I’ve rarely even used that word since then due to making me paranoid to even say.

After 2008 it’s been pretty quiet so I decided to launch into social media, digital media, photography, video, & commentary on political views.  So far I’ve had pretty decent time doing including diving into being a public figure.  That’s why my facebook & social media is set to public.  I have nothing to hide, also a majority of minors I interact with I have parents on my facebook page as well.  The only issue is Kanawha County schools considers social media dangerous.  To me that is dinosaur thinking because if you understand technology you use it but school systems or at least most them advise their professional, service, & other employees to avoid them.  It can all lead to “trouble”.

Here, time for me to be blunt about this.  The only trouble it can cause is if you’re sexting, or having conversations with minors that are not appropriate.  Almost every other day it seems there is a news story on some person, adult to minor interaction, that thought it was a great idea to do send or exchange sexuallity explicit materal.  Which, here let me put you this way, I’ve NEVER did this.  Don’t plan on doing it.  This world has become everyone is suspect & if not you have to be doing something bad.  I’ve treaded the boundaries unintentionally & learned from my mistakes but this past fall of 2012 drama reared its ugly head again.

Even with most of my safeguards of being an honest & outgoing person occasional people don’t agree with the way you live.  So, I was all set have a great season with the St. Albans Lady Red Dragons basketball team.  I had someone pop up & cause my life to be hectic for a few months.  Here is what happened… (see below images from my personal facebook account)



As you can see I had a parent whose daughter I met in the general public at a haunted house decide I was some kind of threat.  Apparently people think I’m either an easy target or just plain stupid about the way I conduct myself.  I’m a person of character & integrity.

If you don’t believe me then spend some time around me which is what I did with the girls basketball coach Scott James.  He’s good person & if he thought for a moment I was threat to any of his student athletes I wouldn’t have had just access to him & his team for five years.

Furthermore I made myself accessible to not only the student athletes but the parents.  People who would appreciate my hard working efforts to cover the team as photographer & digital media gatherer.  So, where am I?  Limbo… I never heard back from the principal or the board but my plans are if I’m still in this area & a custodian at Saint Albans High School I plan to be back where I was with Lady Red Dragons.  Doing photography & being part of the support staff for this team.  Finally, if releasing this costs me my job at Kanawha County Schools because I’m releasing this via my personal & public website then I am not meant to stay an employee there & it’s time to move on.  Which is what I’ve been looking for since I started position because I’m not cut out to cleaning, thought I’m not cut out for a lot of things but that doesn’t stop me from trying.  Thanks for reading about crazy life.

One side note, judge me & say what you’d like about me but I am not after any teenage girls.  Yeah, I know many of them but seriously try actually being mature because I don’t think with my penis, really it doesn’t control my brain.  Thank you.

Jonathan Miller

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