586_10151230418593919_788467952_nHello, I’m Jonathan Miller but I’m better know by my brand name of Jonfun.  I’ve finally decided that I need to step out from behind my characterization of myself & brand to really show society, the world, why I live on by what God has brought me to be.  I humble myself on integrity, honesty, friendships, being inclusive, having fun, & bringing positive perspective to a ever negative world.  Whatever I am involved in I find a way to put my best foot forward no matter the challenges.  I’m up to the task & want to help anyone that I can along the way.  If it means tearing the walls down in which someone has placed there then I’m all for it.  Ask questions & live above the game.

Below is a short summary of how my life has been since leaving high school & attempting to be an adult.  I do okay at times as an adult but find my life filled with adventures because I’m a very inclusive person with my life.  It’s not me unless I can help people in my community or am able to give back to top people in some way with the creativity I’ve been blessed with.

My first adventure involved high school when I was the Poca Dot of Poca High School where for four years of my life I traveled to home & away games for football, boys basketball & a few games of girls basketball during my tenure as the school mascot The Poca Dot.  From graduation in high school in 1998 I didn’t rely much on my character to get me through until I join Bristol Broadcasting for two years in from 1999 until 2001 as the WQBE Rabbit.  Afterwards I had a one day stint as the Snowbiz Penguin & then from 2006 until Spring of 2008 as the Chuck E. Cheese in Charleston, WV.  After high school I also spent three years at a technical school getting certificates in Computer Networking & Printing Technology.  Then I continued to WVU Tech where I did not complete the courses in a BA for two year degree in Printing Technology.  During my time in college I was working at Wal-Mart in which I left in March of 2004 where I joined NAPA Auto Parts for two years where I then joined CEC Entertainment, Chuck E. Cheese, February of 2006 for two years.

Since 2006 I’ve been self studying in basic psychology, social media, & life in general during my free time.  In October of 2006 I began working for Kanawha County Schools as a Custodian and volunteering what I know about digital media to the high school girls basketball team of the Saint Albans Lady Red Dragons until this year where I’ve had to take a break due to issues beyond my control.  I am a volunteer for Winter Jam every year when it comes to Charleston WV, and Creation Festival every summer at the Agape Farm in Shirleyburg, PA.

I have started & parked over 70 websites I’m trying to develop.  CLICK HERE

I’m very active in & on social media and can find my other projects via http://jonfun.com

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