Snowstorm 2016: Short drive home


Expanding to Bloglovin


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Going in 2016 I’m continuing my march into the digital profiles by adding my blogs to BlogLovin & hope to do more writing, videos, & everything else that can to be the best that can be in a vast world. God bless!

It’s just a matter of time before we learn how to fly…


 Life isn’t the same for everyone & at least I can say that life hasn’t been what I’ve expected but I will make the best of it. Lord willing!

My universe



What is my value?


For the last two years I have had prophetic dreams come true in my life & I’ve enjoyed life but on days like today I don’t know or understand what my family & friends value in me.

First of all I’m a late bloomer, I’ve lacked concept of life until now but I’m getting better at it yet I’m also a little vicarious with makes a few people, both family & friends, worry about my choices, actions, & decisions. The people that believe in me have watched me fail at anything I’ve done throughout the course of my life.  You may not admit it but I’ve viewed every avenue I’ve attempted as a failure due to feeling held back by something, fear maybe, criticism, or whatever strange feeling it is.  My only comfort has been professional wrestling which I’m not meant for in ring competition though I’m pretty certain I could wow few audiences if the opportunity to do it comes around. Still everything else, idealized goal, has been short of what I wanted.

The worriers, you all are going to kill me with your worries! I have broad shoulder & know how to carry many loads but you cannot put your insecurity about me & reflect it back on me.  Honestly, it makes me want run farther away than anyone realizes. You can say that’s selfish but to me it’s preservation because I cannot let what I do affect you all. When incidents arise I work my best handle them straight forward as to minimize the effects to only myself & rest of you do no have go through any more than you have to.

Maybe that’s the burden I have to endure because I care too much because other people care too much & have an over abundance of care for me. I just want a balance because if I don’t find it I’m going to choice reckless abandon over common sense. That doesn’t sound good at all.



Always, a poetic dedication


This goes out to someone who became apart of my life a little while back & they know I’d break my back to see them happy, healthy, & always safely cared about.

Always my best friend

Always have your back

Always joke around

Always support

Always love

Always coffee

Always watching movies

Always is consistent and forever fades

Always just a thought away

Always NASCAR races

Always here for bad and good days

Always means everything

Always does not hide

Always means everything

Always is not dark

Always is good

Always is fearless

Always sports, especially Pittsburg

Always is the little things

Always stays close

Always no strings

Always free

Always just be you

Always… is always.

My poetry doesn’t ever seem to match the more elaborate thoughts when I’m typing it out.  Maybe someday. I hope you enjoyed this dedication.

You’re different…


are the sweet words that were said to me when my life took on a whole new meaning.

Welcome to my world… it’s a fun, lighter side of life, & really it’s not serious. That’s the way I like things but also enjoy expression, experiences, & feelings.

This is what brings me to my website, blog, tonight. It’s a question that’s deeply on my mind because it’s something that makes me wonder how many more people are out there that do not know what real love is like.

Have you ever heard the saying, “you’re looking for love in all the wrong places.” I’ve heard it countless times throughout my lifetime but for once I think it has smacked right in the face. Not in a way that I expected. It’s come in a very unique form that makes me appreciate the perspectives that are presented but genuinely love on the deepest of levels.

What are the current issues, well for myself it’s patiences… due my eagerness but not only that it’s that for a while now my thoughts on the back of my mind are always upon this exquisite creature. Like any unique breed comes a very different set of lines to follow & sometimes it’s rough to remember that because it’s not the same.

I was in a conversation just the other day where the word love was used & I’ll admit at that very moment I wanted to instantly react with these words, “that’s not love.” I didn’t react because I would have been wrong on many levels & possibly hurt the someone so near to my heart that its indescribable sometimes. This bond is reaches far beyond words, admiration, & trust for if it wasn’t for that there wouldn’t be a solid foundation for all the ups & downs I see or have already seen. I hope one day they’re not afraid but that may not happen. I don’t know but what I do know is that I am always right here no matter what is said. You do that for me & it means the world to me.


So I took a little break


Sometimes, even do a weekly blog, I have to break. I have good reason for being inconsistent.

I don’t feel I have enough material to work with but considering the mind I have that’s no excuse. I now return to Monday blogs!

Life’s daily struggles



We live in world full of problems, undoubtedly, but the best approach to this is just one day a time. A very close friend sent me that image above & it’s very important to remember to do your best daily. Sometimes, we don’t, there are those days where we have bad days & we fail to do anything justifiably good. In fact the seven billion people on this earth can do extremely evil things to each other than are completely unacceptable, unfathomable, & most of all just sadly unfortunate.

One situation doesn’t define us, solutions to world’s problems come from common people & not the decision makers in suits. They may weld the power but the truth is as sensible & sentient beings we have God given rights to live the way we all individually see fit. Freedoms.

What am I getting at for this Monday Blog?

We have choices, many choices, & there are times we make the wrong ones. If you make one then you should admit to it because when you make a mistake it much easier to make a negative a positive by choosing to say, “I was wrong in my actions & deserve any consequences you have for me.”

Whether it’s out in the open, personal, or private the solutions & roots to betterment begins inside ourselves so we can shae it to, sometimes, a dark world. As for the bad days, you pick up, make up, & “never do it again.” If you don’t learn from mistakes then you are doomed to repeat them.

The world has enough doom & gloom nowadays to be a monster like so many are. Slay the monsters, including your own, & make the world a better place by choosing positive paths. Not destruction.


The unlikely Superstar Daniel Brian



No matter how you look at it, Daniel Bryan has become a success in the land of giants better known as the WWE.

Clearly, by no means is this a fluke at all as he’s put his time in ever since he broke into the professional wrestling business. Solid matches in which the purest wresting fans can appreciate but not only that he’s revolutionized one word.


This isn’t a new trend where fans have chanted one word. Back in the fall of 2001 “Stone Cold” Steve Austin due to an inside joke with fellow professional wrestler Christian started responding in promos with, “What?”, to the point it was chanted past his in ring retirement to this very day when there are pause by wrestlers the crowd finds boring or wants to annoy.

Yet, this isn’t totally about wrestling but real life aspect of humility. Daniel Bryan doesn’t believe he’s a anyone special & that’s the ultimate humility that he truly believes that he’s not doing anything but living what we all want to do & have inside of each of us, a dream. Finding & creating success. I was in attendance at Wrestlemaina 28 in Miami when the word “yes” because the new “what” & Daniel Bryan lost the World Heavyweight Championship to Sheamus in 18 seconds but it may have solidified him as the success story he’s become over the past two years including coming out of Wrestlemaina 30 as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Though, through it all, it hasn’t changed Daniel Bryan. Winning the title, getting married to Brie Bella, & the recent loss of his father he’s the type of person that deserves success because it hasn’t changed him.

When you still live in the small town of Aberdeen, Washington after all the celebrity & fame you know Daniel Bryan is truly a man of humility.

Congratulations, Bryan Danielson, Daniel Bryan.


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